Bp oil spill social media case study

bp oil spill social media case study Bp can’t control its oil leak, and it’s also having a rough time with image control the company responsible for spewing oil in the gulf of mexico is attracting more of the wrong kind of attention by purchasing several red-hot search terms — including “oil spill” — on google, bing and yahoo’s search engines in \[\.

Financial losses to bpto deal with the spill oil as well as reputation and financial losses, the company particularly use many tactics and tools to communicate with stakeholders during and after the crisis however, crisis management and communication experts’ opinions differed on whether bp crisis communication was effective or ineffectivethis paper aims to assess bp. Oil spill, social media, twitter, community structure, alternative media even if the news media fail to foresee a crisis, fulfilling their surveillance function (lasswell, 1948) would mean that they should at least raise questions about the causes and consequences of the crisis in the case of the 2010 bp oil spill, those causes included cost- and corner-cutting by bp. Com 462-001 convergent media management deepwater horizon: the bp oil spill gabriella c devia-allen, illinois state university. Bp gulf of mexico oil spill: crisis management add remove crisis management questions - 2 1 in a narrative format, summarize the key facts and issues of the case 2 update the information in the case by researching it on the internet focus your response on the specific issues in the case 3 was the deepwater horizon accident a. The financial impacts of bp’s response to the deepwater horizon oil spill comparing damage valuation approaches & highlighting the need. British petroleum (bp) case study executive summary this case study report examined a public relation management problem that british petroleum (bp) faced since the oil spill accident happened in april, 2010.

Bp crisis management, pr misfires — a case study updated february 10, 2018 – bp can’t seem to turn off its lawsuit spigot consequently, nearly eight years after its role in the deepwater horizon disaster in the gulf of mexico, bp still has not managed to assuage investors that it will return to its former dominance as an energy company. The rhetoric of food safety, the gulf oil spill, and social media in her study, z hall argues that there are multiple competing narratives mark the rhetoric surrounding the deepwater horizon oil spill of april 20, 2011 questions are still being raised about bp’s 206-million gallons of oil and nearly 2-million gallons of chemical dispersants. The concept of effective leadership represents a theoretical framework to analyse the case study deepwater horizon accident. A stakeholder analysis of the bp oil spill and the compensation mechanisms used to minimize damage an honors thesis katelyn brennan 11/29/2013 1 abstract the bp oil spill released 49 million barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico and caused a grave amount of damage to the surrounding areas both environmentally and economically.

Bp and the gulf of mexico oil spill case study solution, bp and the gulf of mexico oil spill case study analysis, subjects covered decision making international business leadership organizational behavior organizational change risk analysis strategy workplace health. 17 responses to “bp, crisis communications and social media” jessica lee writes: hi aang, i’m not sure what you mean, can you explain a little further. I had a nice opportunity to talk this week with taslin alfonzo, who does media relations for a louisiana hospital that has treated workers involved in the bp.

Bp's pr blunders mirror exxon's, appear destined for record book print by anne c mulkern of london petroleum giant bp plc after its april 20 oil spill fell into many of the same public relations mistakes as exxon did in 1989, according to corporate crisis experts as a result, they said, bp likely faces a similar black eye. Rig sank and oil started spilling into the gulf of mexico spewing oil into the gulf for 87 days until bp capped it 16,000 miles of coastline affected and over 8,000 animals were reported dead within six months of the spill three years later, oil is still washing up on gulf shores and is stirred up. Case study: bp oil spill background this lesson has addressed the key components of ethical principles in crisis communication, including the ethical principles of responsibility, accountability, and humanistic care. Bp oil spill: when crisis management is compounded by social media i had the privilege of guest lecturing in bill imada’s graduate class at usc’s annenberg school for communication and journalism (my alma mater) the title of the class — jour 568– is critical thinking and crisis management and i was asked to demonstrate the importance of social media.

Business case study – british petroleum oil spill in the gulf case objective in order to be distinguished from competitors in an increasingly similar marketplace, it is crucial for an organization to align its identity and image with its actions. Social media is not a soapbox for corporations to stand upon to trumpet quarterly reports, new branch openings, or generalities that fall.

Bp oil spill social media case study

5 facts about the bp oil spill by seth motel on april 20, 2010, an explosion rocked the deepwater horizon drilling rig in the gulf of mexico, killing 11 workers and sending oil gushing into the water by the time the well was sealed months later, about 5 million barrels of oil had spilled into the gulf here are five key facts about the oil spill and. Channel in the aftermath of the bp gulf of mexico oil spill ill by kylie ann dowthwaite 3 case study information in the onset of the bp gulf of mexico oil spill many social media channels were opened up so that people and stakeholders of bp could voice their opinion on issues relating to the effect and management of the oil spill.

  • This case study is part of a collection of pages developed by students in the 2012 introductory-level geology and human health course in the department of earth sciences, montana state university learn more about this project the british petroleum oil spill made history on april 20, 2010 an.
  • Social media contact gulf anglers could be entitled to $585 million after the deepwater horizon oil spill, uf/ifas study says published: september 9 2014 category: environment, florida, research gainesville, fla --- recreational anglers who normally fish in the gulf of mexico lost up to $585 million from lost fishing opportunities in the year of the deepwater horizon oil spill.
  • Bp's response to the gulf of mexico oil spill: a crisis communications case study and i think they played a big role on the media being more sympathetic to the environment and making tony hayward that much more of the bad guy great job overall i feel like i learned a lot that i didn't know before hand due to your presentation.

Deepwater, deep ties, deep trouble: a state-corporate environmental crime analysis of the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill by elizabeth a bradshaw. The 1989 exxon valdez oil spill and the 2010 bp oil spill were the largest and most ecologically damaging releases of oil in north american history this research provides a comparison of the social and mental health impacts of these two major technological disasters random samples of residents of cordova, alaska, and south mobile. Bp case study essay 641 words | 3 pages 1 what are the main ethical issues and dilemma bp faces in this case a project that is on a large scale faces some issues, including: there are concerns about the coating of the pipeline and the risks of leakages, in particular in georgia, where oil spills might significantly impact the country’s. Crisis management case study: bp oil spill posted on april 2, 2013 by acprethics as public relations students, we learn different crisis management strategies we are taught accountability and forward public honesty to correct critical actions learning what not to do in a crisis is as important as learning what to do one of the best case studies of bad crisis management is bp.

bp oil spill social media case study Bp can’t control its oil leak, and it’s also having a rough time with image control the company responsible for spewing oil in the gulf of mexico is attracting more of the wrong kind of attention by purchasing several red-hot search terms — including “oil spill” — on google, bing and yahoo’s search engines in \[\.
Bp oil spill social media case study
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